As of November 1, 2013, Sko Design Lab is unable to accept new client work. Feel free to browse our portfolio or head elsewhere in your search for a graphic designer. close window

We have received many compliments on our website designed by Sko Design Lab. When we decided to start our second business, Joel was the first person we called. He has been responsive to any changes we make to our sites and we would highly recommend his services to anyone.

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Small design company, big client results

Sko Design Lab is a graphic design and interactive web design company based in Austin, Texas. We opened up shop in 2006, thriving on a passion for good design and the smiles of happy clients. Below is what sets us apart from other graphic design and web design firms in Austin and online.

we get it right.

Over 90% of the first round of web design and logo design concepts we present to clients are selected by our client as the final design. This means we don't waste your valuable time and money on work that you're not satisfied with. "Getting it right" also means project budgets and timeframes are reduced.

How do we do it? Before the design phase begins, we talk with you to understand your business, goals, customers, branding, and design preferences. Our streamlined design process adds value to our websites and graphic design products by eliminating unnecessary time and cost. In every great design exists a meaningful conversation between the client and designer.

your customer experience is important.

Many of our clients come to us after having negative experiences with other graphic designers and web design companies in Austin. Before finding us, some of our clients used online tools to create their own logo, hired their nephew to build their business' website, or paid $100 for a website blog theme in an effort to save money. They eventually realized the products were not up to par and may be hurting their business' reputation. Sko Design Lab was their final stop.

We're NOT the graphic design company that misses your deadline or the website firm that won't return your phone call. We're in it for the long haul and to see our clients succeed. Hear what our clients have to say about their experience.

good design will help your business succeed.

We aren't suprised when we find that most people don't know the difference between what ABC Website Company offers and what we offer.

Good graphic and web designers produce visual solutions that successfully communicate your business' products and services to your target audience.

Good web developers write clean code that meets current web standards so that your customers can find you and get the most out of your business online.

Good design is more than a pretty picture or functional website. It's a process, a conversation, a creative visual solution, an intuitive interface, a logical structure; and it is a "good design" when it is considerate of the client and the customer.

our niche is professional design services without asking for your firstborn child as a deposit.

We deliver quality design work for a fraction of Big-Design-Agency's fees. We ask alot of questions up-front and then give you a flat cost-estimate so you're not left guessing on an hourly basis. We also offer small-business friendly payment plans because we enjoy taking part in a new business' success.

View our design services or get a free quote. We look forward to working with you.